COVID-19 Update

With respect to the recent Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, our top priority is the health and safety of our staff and the members of our community. We have implemented measures and changes to our protocols in an effort to mitigate the exposure and potential transmission of the virus. As a result, the LPD will be adhering to the recommended social distancing and reducing personal contact when and where practicable. The following temporary measures are in effect;

CALL RESPONSE PROTOCOL: We are requesting residents to refrain from walking into the LPD public lobby for issues not requiring emergency response. Dispatch will screen phone calls to determine if the call requires an immediate response (emergent situation). If the issue is a past incident with no immediate threat or emergency, callers may be advised an officer will contact them via phone to reduce person to person contact.

ALL EMERGENCY CALLS WILL STILL GET A RAPID POLICE RESPONSE. While we prefer to have in-person contact, everyone’s safety and well-being is imperative. Please stay safe, resilient and we will return to normal operations as soon as possible.

Longmeadow Police Department Reminds Residents of Upcoming Hands-Free Law for Drivers

LONGMEADOW — Lt. Robert Stocks and the Longmeadow Police Department would like to remind residents of the upcoming hands-free law for drivers.

On Feb. 23, An Act Requiring the Hands-Free Use of Mobile Telephones While Driving will go into effect prohibiting drivers from using cellphones and other hand-held devices while operating a vehicle. There will be a grace period through March 31 in which drivers will get a warning for their first violation rather than a fine. (more…)

RAD Course to be held in April

The Longmeadow Police Department will be hosting our first RAD, Rape Aggression Defense course of 2020. RAD is a self defense course for women that teaches safety tips for home and travel, as well as hands on techniques to protect oneself in the case of an attack. The course is available to any female 14+. Minors must be accompanied by a female guardian. Attendance at all classes is mandatory. Classes will be held on Monday/Wednesday April 6th, 8th, 13th, and 15th from 6p-9p. Classes are free of charge and you do not need to be a Longmeadow resident to attend. To reserve your spot please email [email protected].

Longmeadow Police DART/CIT Programs

Longmeadow Police DART/CIT Programs

The Longmeadow Police Department was recently awarded $5,000 from the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) to fund a local Drug Addiction Recovery Team (DART). The LPD is working with other Hampden and Hampshire County PD’s and local partners including Hampshire HOPE to establish a Hampden County DART program. Being part of this DART program will expedite information sharing relating to drug overdoses but most importantly this program will help Longmeadow residents who require assistance with drug addiction.

Sergeant Michael Jurkowski, Officer Robert Lombardi and Officer Kevin Rowley will be starting the program within the next few months.

Additionally, Sergeant Jurkowski, Officer Lombardi and Officer Rowley have established a Crisis Intervention Team (CIT). Officially started in June of 2019, all three officers have been working with clinicians from the Behavioral Health Network, assisting our residents in need of a wide range of areas like drug and alcohol addiction to providing resources to those suffering from mental health issues. If you or someone you know may need assistance in any of the above areas, please feel free to contact Sergeant Jurkowski at [email protected] or 413-567-3311 ext. 9143.