For information on Longmeadow By-Laws, please visit the Town of Longmeadow’s website:


Here are some of the common By-Laws our residents should be aware of:

Overnight Parking; Article 4-216

A person shall not park a vehicle unattended on a public way for more than 1 hour at any time between the hours of 1 a.m. and 6 a.m. local time, regardless of whether local time is Standard Time or Daylight Savings Time when the offense occurs. Penalties for violation Article 4-216 call for a fine of $10 for each offense.

Dog License Fees;   Article 5-321
The annual fee charged by the Town for issuance of licenses for dogs shall be $20.00 for each male or female dog, but $10.00 for each dog which has been spayed or neutered and these fees shall apply regardless of the number of dogs being licensed by an individual resident.

Dog License Penalty;  Article 5-319

A penalty of Thirty Dollars ($30) shall be imposed after written notification to dog owners of an annual fee in addition to any other basic license fee, for any dog license purchased more than thirty (30) days after the due date, said penalty to be retained by the Town.

Unrestrained Animal;  Article 5-305

A person shall not permit an animal to roam unrestrained except on property under the control of the person. If a person permits an animal to roam unrestrained on property under his control, he shall keep the property sufficiently fenced to keep the animal from emerging from the

Prima Facie Evidence;  5-308

The presence of a dog on the land of a person other than the owner or keeper of the dog when the dog is not restrained by a chain or leash that does not exceed six (6′) feet in length is prima facie evidence that the owner or keeper of the dog has violated the by law.  The penalty for the violation is Twenty-Five ($25) Dollars for each offense, subject to the provisions of Chapter 140, Section 173A of the General Laws.

False Burglar Alarm;  Article 6-201

A fee of $25 shall be imposed for a “false alarm” which results in a Police response to a person’s residence or business after 1 false alarm have been responded to in a calendar year. The 3rd and subsequent false alarms will be assessed a fee of $50 each. A “false alarm” is defined as the triggering of the alarm by any cause other than by a person whose presence on the premises the alarm system is intended to report (burglar).

Snow Removal;  Article 4-310

A person who is a resident or an owner of property on which or adjacent to which there is a hard surfaced sidewalk that is under the control of the Town shall clear the sidewalk of ice and snow within 24 hours after the precipitation ceases to fall. If the sidewalk becomes covered with ice that cannot be readily removed, the resident or owner shall place sand or ashes on the sidewalk to render the walk safe for pedestrians. A violation of this section is punishable by a fine of $25.

Motorized Scooters;  Article 5-403

Except as permitted by General Laws Chapter 90, Section 1E no person shall operate a motorized scooter, motorized skateboard, or other similar motorized motor vehicle on any public way, sidewalk, playground, or on any property owned by the Town. The following vehicles shall be exempt from the provisions of this by-law:
(a) Vehicles licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as a motor vehicle;
(b) Vehicles used by handicapped persons; and
(c) Landscaping equipment